Puncak Ventures

We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.” – William Hazlitt

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``Together, Impossible is Temporary``

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Our mission is to be recognised in our markets as an event and adventure consultant, in bringing growth and excitement to the event and as a strong and talented team of people with exceptional passion for Sports | Recreation | Adventure

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To be one of the leading event management companies for Sports, Recreation and Adventure globally.

About Puncak Ventures

A brief explanation on who we are and what we do

Our History

Puncak Event, as it was formally named, was founded by Mr Illaham who was active in organizing outdoor activities around Klang Valley back in 2010. His target clients were mostly school and university students and corporate companies. After returning from Everest 2011 expedition, Illaham approached his best buddy, Deeno (who had 6 years of sports marketing experience with adidas and was actively involved with KL Marathon planning team for few more years later on) and suggested to go further into the industry and aim for a bigger prospect. They stepped up and started to organize bigger events such as corporate family day, outdoor expeditions and running events. Their first successful event was HeiTech Padu Family Day, followed by Standard Chartered Fun Run during National Youth Day 2012. There on, they knew they could fly higher and nothing can stop them from chasing their dreams, hence the birth of Puncak Ventures Sdn Bhd in 2012. Their ultimate stepping stone was when Deeno and Illaham were chosen to be the coach for KE7B Everest Felda 2013 and KE7B Greenland Crossing 2014, thanks to their deep passion for mount climbing. Both expeditions were successfully accomplished, and that was when they had the time of their lives, that is to step foot on the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest in 2013. To date, PVSB has organized numerous well-known running events such as PJ Half Marathon, Shah Alam Night Run and Alor Setar Half Marathon, and mount climbing expeditions, locally and internationally. From a sharing office in Kota Damansara to a comfortable space in Section 26 Shah Alam, PVSB grew bigger and stronger with dedicated employees as pillars of strength. Because Illaham and Deeno sturdily believe that “Together, impossible is temporary...”.

Our Services

Puncak Ventures SRA is your perfect outdoor and adventure consultant, specializing in mountaineering activities and running events. We have more than 10 years of experience on mountaineering services and 4 years as running event organizer. We do not compromise on quality & safety in organizing and planning events, as our client is our priority. As we pledge to deliver what we promised, top-notch service from us is a guarantee! Our core services are:

RUNNING : Organizing Marathon / Running Event/ Walkathon
CORPORATE EVENTS : Corporate Family Day & Team Bonding
ADVENTURE : Mountaineering in Malaysia and around the World
SPACE RENTAL : Venue rental for functions and events
EQUIPMENT RENTAL : Equipment rental for Outdoor Events

“Together, impossible is temporary...”.
Eco Adventures

We care about planet earth. Nature is what planet earth is made of. And nature is our favourite playground. Therefore, we vow to support environmentally responsible awareness through our adventures and events.

Innovative Business Solution

We aim to make our business intriguing, practical and flexible for our customers, hence we create innovative solutions that create value for money services. Satisfaction is definitely guaranteed!

Work with Locals

Our focus is to introduce the beautiful rainforest of Malaysia to the world through the adventures we offer. We have highly dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable locals who will be able to make your journey a wonderful adventure.


Our customer's safety will never be compromised, be it if you are our marathon runner, fearless mount climber or merely enjoying fun games during events. We minimize any degree of risks by taking suitable approaches, based on the activities we carry.

Core Values

Determination. Courageous. Adventurous. Our three core values that reflect who we are, as an individual and as a team. Determined to achieve our goals, courageous to overcome obstacles and Adventurous to take up new challenges.

Customer Service

We ensure to deliver good customer service with a friendly and helpful manner. Because we believe customer service plays a big role in customer experience through the service we provide.   

The Masterminds!

Get to know our brilliant founders…

Zainuddin (Deeno)


Muhammad Illaham Ishak (Am)