“Naa naa naa naaa naa Tranung Kiteeee!”

We are singing that tune again…why? Because Larian Antarabangsa Jambatan Sultan Mahmud is back to brighten your 2019! Registration is open for our eager runners! Who wouldn’t be excited? The biggest most happening marathon in Pata Timor is coming again.

42KM | 21KM | 12KM | 8KM | 5KM

Aaand…we have increased the qualifying time for Full Marathon to 7.5hours. So newbies…this is your chance to create that beautiful first record of yours…

Mehh arrrrr kite pakak lari ghamai-ghamai sambil seduk anging pata. Kite Vacayrun!
Jupe di nung!

Details are as below :
Date & Time : 14 Sep 2019, Saturday, 12:01am
Venue: Dataran Batu Burok Kuala Terengganu
Organizer: Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu & Persatuan Olahraga Amatur Terengganu (POAT)

42km : 0001hrs
21km : 0130hrs
12km : 0715hrs
8km : 0730hrs
5km : 0740hrs

42km : 7.5hrs
21km : 4hrs
12km : 3hrs
8km : 2hrs
5km : 1.5hrs

Racekit Collection Day:
Date: Session A (School) 10 September 2019 & Session B (All) 11,12,13 Sepetmeber 2019
Time: 11am – 6pm
Venue: To be confirmed

You just gotta grab the early bird promotion and enjoy up to 15% discount before it ends.

Few things to consider prior to registration :
1. Kindly read and understand the terms and conditions of the event prior to registration.
2. If you wish for the racekit to be delivered to you via courier option, please select Delivery Option under Merchandise.
3. Make sure you select the right tshirt size. Size chart can be found at the registration page.
4. For categories U, V, W, X, registration will also be open in April. Participants will need to register via their respective schools (manual registration).

To register : http://www.racexasia.com/…/larian-antarabangsa-jambatan-su…/

Admin : 03-50133888 | Mohan : 019 5541902


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